Classic Elegance Reimagined: The Butterfly Brooch Collection

Revel in timeless sophistication with our resplendent Butterfly Brooch Collection. A perfect marriage of classic allure and symbolic meaning, each brooch serves as an elegant emblem of life's transformative journeys. Skillfully crafted with attention to detail, these brooches are designed to accentuate any ensemble, from casual daywear to formal evening attire. Whether pinned to a lapel, attached to a scarf, or adorning a bag, our butterfly brooches add a layer of meaning and beauty to your look.

Subtle yet impactful, these pieces breathe new life into traditional accessorizing, making you not just well-dressed but also well-expressed. Dive into this exquisite collection to find a statement piece that speaks to your personal evolution. Complement your aesthetic by exploring our other collections such as butterfly jewelry, butterfly necklace, butterfly ring, butterfly earrings, Butterfly Belly Ring, Butterfly Nose Ring, Butterfly Tooth Gem, butterfly Bracelet, Butterfly Watch, and Butterfly Charm.

Collection: Butterfly Brooch

Spread Your Wings with Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooches

Welcome to the enchanting world of butterfly brooches from Dream-Butterflies®. Our collection of butterfly brooches is designed to make a statement, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to any outfit.

As a long-time lover of butterfly brooches, I'm thrilled to share my passion with you. Let's flutter into the world of decorative brooches together!

A Brief History of Butterfly Brooches

Butterfly brooches have been admired throughout history, dating as far back as the Victorian era. During the 1800s, these brooches were a popular accent piece, with jewel-encrusted butterfly brooches being a status symbol among the upper class.

The beauty of a butterfly brooch lies in its delicate, symmetrical shape and patterns that mimic a butterfly's wings. Victorians saw the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope and life's stages. It's no wonder these exquisite brooches were so sought-after.

In the 1900s, butterfly brooches had a major resurgence, adorning flapper dresses during the Roaring 20s. Stylish Hollywood starlets helped popularize the butterfly brooch trend in the 1940s and 50s.

Today, butterfly brooches are as classic as ever, ready to add their touch of elegance to modern fashions. At Dream-Butterflies®, we carry on the rich heritage of these decorative brooches.

The Allure of Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooches

What makes our butterfly brooches so special? Each one is lovingly designed and crafted to capture a butterfly's fragile beauty.

We use only the finest materials, from shimmering enamels to Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads. Our artisans employ specialized techniques like silversmithing and wire wrapping to shape lifelike butterfly forms.

The result is brooches that look like mini works of art. Far more than an accessory, our butterfly brooches are wearable treasures.

Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooch Collection

Our collection includes butterfly brooches to suit every taste:

  • Vintage-style butterfly brooches - Evoking the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras, these brooches feature delicate filigree, amber hues, and designs reminiscent of natural elements like flowers and vines.
  • Jeweled butterfly brooches - For those who like a bit of sparkle, we offer brooches accented with crystals, faux pearls, and other jewels. Rich colors like ruby red and sapphire blue add to the drama.
  • Whimsical butterfly brooches - Pretty pastel hues in mint, lilac and seafoam green are the palette for these playful, feminine brooches. Many incorporate flowers, hearts and bows.
  • Wearable art butterfly brooches - If you're looking for a true showstopper, our wearable art brooches deliver. Large, detailed butterflies have textured metal wings and shimmer with Swarovski crystals.

With styles ranging from classic to playful, Dream-Butterflies® butterfly brooches make a statement on any lapel, collar or hat.

How to Style Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooches

The styling options with our butterfly brooches are endless! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • For a touch of everyday whimsy, pin a butterfly brooch onto the collar of a blouse, sweater or dress. Opt for a medium or small brooch that won't weigh down delicate fabrics.
  • Make these brooches the centerpiece of your outfit by wearing one on a solid colored coat or jacket lapel. Choose a jewel-toned brooch that pops against neutral hues.
  • Coordinate your butterfly brooch to your hat or headband for a pulled-together look. Adorn a sunhat with a flashy Swarovski butterfly or cluster smaller brooches on a headband.
  • For making a glittering impression at your next formal event, wear a dazzling butterfly brooch on an evening bag or pinned near your waistline. Let it sparkle under the lights as you dance the night away!

Your Dream-Butterflies® butterfly brooch is guaranteed to earn compliments wherever life takes you. Let our brooches spread their wings to uplift your style.

Benefits of Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooches

Hopefully I've convinced you of the allure of butterfly brooches, but here are a few key benefits that set Dream-Butterflies® apart:

  • Artisan Craftsmanship - You can feel the care put into each handmade brooch. Our brooches are made to last through years of enjoyment.
  • Unique Styles - With new brooch designs added regularly, you're sure to find a style that speaks to you.
  • High Quality Materials - Only the best will do, so we use Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, 14K gold plating and other quality materials.
  • Great Value - While our brooches look a million bucks, they are affordable luxury.
  • Makes a Meaningful Gift - What better way to celebrate a graduate, bride-to-be, mother or any special woman than with an enduring butterfly brooch?

Take the plunge and add one of our butterfly brooches to your collection today. We know you'll treasure it for years to come!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dream-Butterflies® Butterfly Brooches

How do I clean my butterfly brooch?

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe down your butterfly brooch. Take care around crystals and avoid submerging in water. For a deeper clean, use a small brush and mild soap solution.

What is the best way to store butterfly brooches?

Store butterfly brooches in a jewelry box, preferably in a sectioned area or individual fabric bag. This protects delicate parts from scratching or tangling.

Can I wear my butterfly brooch in the shower or pool?

We don't recommend wearing your butterfly brooch in water, as this can loosen glues and damage any plating or crystals. Save your brooch for dry land!

How do I stop the butterfly brooch from damaging my clothing?

Add a bit of clear nail polish to the pin back to prevent snagging delicate fabrics. An added padlock or safety clasp also minimizes poking.

Can I return my butterfly brooch if I don't like it?

We want you to love your Dream-Butterflies® brooch! If for any reason you're not satisfied, returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase.