Elegance in Every Sparkle: The Diamond Butterfly Necklace Collection

Experience the epitome of opulence and transformation with our exceptional Diamond Butterfly Necklace Collection. Each necklace in this collection is a breathtaking fusion of grace, craftsmanship, and symbolism. Exquisitely adorned with dazzling diamonds, these necklaces elevate the butterfly's essence of change and beauty to new heights.

The intricate designs and shimmering stones create an enchanting blend of style and meaning, making these necklaces perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of luxury to your daily attire. Whether you favor a classic, timeless piece or a contemporary, ornate design, our collection offers a wide variety to cater to your personal style. Immerse yourself in the world of butterfly-inspired jewelry by exploring our primary Butterfly Necklace collection. To complete your transformation journey, we recommend exploring our complementary collections, including the Silver Butterfly Necklace, Gold Butterfly Necklace, Blue Butterfly Necklace, Butterfly Chain Necklace, Rose Gold Butterfly Necklace, Butterfly Necklace Choker, and Butterfly Locket Necklace.

Collection: Diamond Butterfly Necklace

Timeless Beauty Takes Flight with Our Diamond Butterfly Necklace Collection

Welcome to our dreamlike collection of diamond butterfly necklaces that celebrate the fragile beauty of nature. Like a fluttering butterfly emerging into the sunlight, our jewelry evokes a sense of transformation and renewal.

As a prestigious jewelry brand renowned for exquisite craftsmanship since 1975, Dream-Butterflies® brings you our most dazzling assortment yet - diamond butterfly necklaces meant to be treasured forever.

Diamonds that Captivate

The star of our new lineup is the radiant diamond butterfly necklace. Available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold, these showstoppers feature brilliant-cut diamonds that reflect light dramatically.

Ranging in color from pristine white diamonds to champagne and chocolate diamonds, the gemstones create a kaleidoscope effect on the butterfly wings. No detail is overlooked in these lifelike designs - even the butterfly body and antennas are encrusted in pave diamonds for maximum sparkle.

With our diamond butterflies, we want to evoke a sense of new beginnings and personal growth. The butterfly emerges from its cocoon transformed, a symbol of hope and reinvention. Our jewelry allows you to celebrate your own metamorphosis into a more confident, vibrant woman.

Artistry in Motion

Beyond exquisite diamonds, our collection highlights impeccable artistry. Skilled jewelers meticulously handcraft each butterfly necklace, bringing fluidity and motion to designs through delicate detailing.

Wings are sculpted in 18K gold with graceful contours, realistically layered and textured. Antennas and limbs are shaped in mid-flight or perched positions. Diamond pave outlines each wing to accentuate their silhouette during motion. Even the daintiest butterfly pendant has over 100 diamonds.

This refined technique makes our diamond butterfly necklaces appear suspended in movement, as if fluttering across your décolletage. The designs evoke lightness and fragility true to living butterflies.

Treasure Life's Transitions

We want our jewelry to memorialize pivotal moments in your life - a graduation, promotion at work, or other important transition.

  • The sheer elegance of these diamond butterfly necklaces make them perfect for black tie events, galas, and evenings out on the town. Pair with your Little Black Dress for an ensemble that's classy, timeless, and unforgettable. The diamonds ensure you'll shine as bright as the ballroom chandelier.
  • Milestone birthdays deserve the gift of luxury jewelry that makes a statement. Whether you're turning 30, 40 or celebrating into your golden years, commemorate the occasion with one of our diamond designs. It's proof that with wisdom, beauty only increases.
  • For brides-to-be, our delicate diamond butterflies are ideal for wedding jewelry. Wear as a necklace or integrate into bridal hair pieces. The diamonds elegantly complement wedding gowns from modern minimalist styles to ornate ballgowns. Your "something new" can be a gift from the groom that equally symbolizes your blossoming marriage.

Luxury Crafted to Last

As you would expect from our renowned jewelry expertise, our new butterfly necklace collection is crafted to become family treasures. Timeless designs withstand passing fads so you can appreciate the enduring beauty for decades to come.

We only use solid gold for the strength needed in fine jewelry. Our published diamond quality ratings affirm the caliber of our gemstones. Pieces come with a lifetime warranty including free resizing, rhodium plating and cleaning.

By valuing heirloom quality craftsmanship, we aim for you to one day pass these heirlooms to the next generation. Our hope is that 50 years from now, your diamond butterfly necklace will be just as alluring on your daughter or granddaughter as the first day you unwrapped it.

Your Diamond Butterfly Awaits

Now that you've discovered the dreamlike beauty of our new collection, we invite you to peruse the entire assortment online. With dozens of gorgeous diamond butterfly necklaces to explore, you're sure to find the perfect style to celebrate you.

Let our butterfly jewelry lift your spirits and remind you of your inner radiance. We can't wait to play a part in beautifying your most meaningful life moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine my ring size for the butterfly necklace?

Use a ring you already own that fits comfortably. Place it over the butterfly pendant diagrams online to match the wing span. Or print the size guide and take to a jeweler.

What metals are available for the diamond butterfly necklace?

14K white, yellow and rose gold. We also offer platinum and sterling silver options.

What are the diamond qualities?

Top colorless and near colorless grades. Diamonds are independently certified for cut, clarity and carat weights.

Do you ship internationally?

We provide worldwide shipping and insurance. Import duties, taxes, customs clearance are recipient's responsibility.

Can I customize my diamond butterfly necklace?

Certainly, our team can customize the metals, diamonds, or design elements. Contact our concierge for a custom quote.